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Cook's Wieners


We have added several new puppies to the "New Puppies Link." We are now accepting credit cards for deposits and full payments. (add 6% sales tax) 

Cook's Wieners understands that some families are on a strict budget and it's hard to pay for your puppy all at once, however from time to time, we offer a puppy or puppies that have been here for an extended period of time on what is called a Payment Plan. See Older Pups Link to learn more. (No P.P. puppies available at this time) Not everyone qualifies for a payment plan pup. Your credit must be good and definitely not horrible.

-Alice Cook

We are USDA inspected semi-annually by dog law enforcement, our kennel name is Low Rider Doxies. We are also inspected yearly by the American Kennel Club and in full compliance, our last inspection was March 16, 2015. 


Cook's Wieners! Home Raised. Well over 30 Years experience with the Dachshund breed.

Welcome to Cook's Wieners! Located in the mountains of Dunbar, Pennsylvania. My Name is Alice Cook. My husband and I have raised puppies for nearly 30 years. My love for animals in general has been a passion of mine since childhood. I have raised all different types of animals including orphaned abandoned wildlife and horses. Nothing goes hungry or left out in the cold! When I fell for the Dachshund breed a brand new passion began. As a breeder of Dachshunds, throughout the years I have watched this breed evolve from the standard size down to the miniatures we see today. I have seen new colors and patterns come about. My goal as a breeder is to raise the Dachshund puppies with early as possible socialization. Socialization is key to a dog with a good temperament. My adult dogs have 4+ acres of fenced land to run. My puppies learn to master the doggy door skill as they get older. We do not cage our puppies or adults. I work hard to house train the puppies too, giving them a great start! I guarantee a well rounded puppy. Fearless & happy dogs always! God has been good to me throughout the years and I am grateful for the blessings that he has provided me with.

-Alice Cook

Puppy Prices & Shipping!

Price vary for each individual puppy add .06% PA sales tax for your puppy. 


-Alice & Samuel Cook!







Contact Information


Kennel Owner: Alice Cook & Husband Sam Cook

109 Lambie Rd. Dunbar, Pa. 15431 

Rule 1. Visitation is by appointment only! Remember you're coming to my home, and not a pet store.

Rule 2.  I ask that you DO NOT stick your hands inside my fence.

 Rule 3. I ask that you don't visit any other breeders, kennels, and/ or shelters prior to visiting my home. Illness can be brought in on your shoes, clothes etc. Remember, I do this for the love of this breed.

Rule 4. I also have the right to refuse or cancel a sale if the home doesn't seem fit for the dog/puppy.

-Alice L. Cook

Home Phone: 724-277-8778

Sam's Cell Phone: 724-322-6595 OR







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Reuniting  Dog's With Families  Pittsburgh Pa     finding lost pets     Ph. 412-849-1045 and getting them back home they saved Squicker for us.    Great bunch of Gal's check them out on Facebook.